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connecting providers with families

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Maybe one day your family’s happiness may be tested.  Sickness, emotional and mental health may play a part.  Or perhaps financial problems.  Each family member may deal with such problems very differently.  Some believe a family that prays together stays together.  Showing that religion plays a vital role in a well rounded and happy family.

But whether this is true or not, families are under a lot of stress today.  So what can they do to cope?  Well going back to basics is always the best plan.  Remember when families actually ate together, breakfast and dinner mostly?  We live in a world that is so hectic and fast paced that both parents may need to work full time jobs and order to provide for their families.

Leaving very little time for time spent with your children. Some households are divided and children may feel a void.  So whatever the situation, parents should try spending more time with children and each other.  It’s not always about the time spent with each other, but the quality.  Make the time fun and memorable.  In the morning before work and school discuss the day with children.

Ask them about school.  You can also communicate by text messages, cell phones and leaving notes.  On weekends plan a family day or a family hour.  Be consistent, and schedule it on the same day.  Children are creatures of habit and will remember, and appreciate that you remembered.
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