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Creating a healthy environment for children.

Children can easily be harmed by chemicals.
This is because they are still growing and their bodies have
not fully developed yet.  Children breathe in more air than adults,
and because of this fact,  they can breath in heavier doses of chemicals than adults.

Also the way that they play can play a huge factor.  Children tend to play and crawl on the floor, close to things that can potentially cause health problems, such as dust and chemicals used for cleaning.  They also put things in their mouths, such as keys and other objects.  So what should be considered in order to create a healthier environment for your child?

1.  Indoor Air-How healthy is your indoor air?  Such things as cleaning supplies, cigarette smoke,  candles, air fresheners and mold can present a danger for anyone, especially children.

2.  Mold & Moisture-If you have too much campness it can cause mold to grow if already present.  Also allergies and asthma can worsen. 

3.  Carbon Monoxide-This is an odorless toxin.  You can not see or smell it.  Oven and heaters
may cause this dangerous gas.  Purchasing a carbon monoxide detector would be a good idea.

4.  Lead-House paints may have lead in them.  If your children puts something in their mouths that have lead this can cause a serious problem.  It could affect their learning, development and growth.  Even in small amounts lead can be dangerous to children.

5.  Pesticides-This is a chemical that kill pests.  They have the potential to cause serious health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage or cancer.  So caution is needed when using bug sprays, rodent poisons, garden weed killer or any other pesticides.  Should be kept out of your child’s reach.

6.  Household Products-Bleach, cleaning supplies, paints and other household products can harm or even kill your child.  Thousands of children die each year from everyday household chemicals. 

7.  Drinking Water-Is your drinking water safe?  Some people may depend on a well for their drinking water.  You should have your water tested every year to make sure it does not have pollutants or chemicals in it. 

Consider ways to make your home healthier and you will create healthier children.

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